Di di di

Candii x Sugar: But I still celebrate the birth of jesus o.o
Candii x Sugar: Just not so much easter.
Candii x Sugar: Cuz I always forget bout easter. It seems like it changes dates a lot.
Fetisha665: easter is much more important than christmas
Candii x Sugar: Yah
Candii x Sugar: But I can't ever remember the date.
Candii x Sugar: It changes.
Fetisha665: it does change
Candii x Sugar: Yup uber annoying thing
Fetisha665: -.-
Candii x Sugar: Christmas never changes thank god
Fetisha665: -.-
Candii x Sugar: Look I'm lucky to know the day of the week.
Fetisha665: lololol

Nicki Minaj

The only thing people can say about this ensemble is that she's copying Lil Kim and Lady Gaga simultaneously.

Since when were sexy clothes and a tacky wig copyrighted to anyone? So ridiculous. So many club people, anime characters, porn stars dress this way.