Rachel (usagi665) wrote,

Rihanna's Style

I really love her style.

It's so refreshing in a sea of homogenized starlets.

Yes I know she has a stylist and this is just her crafted image, but it still takes a personality and personal presence to pull off some of the gutsy outfits she wears.

This is my favorite outfit of hers currently.

A lot of people would only wear that for attention. Of course that is partially Rihanna's goal as well, but given that she always wears outfits like this- sexy but not trampy, edgy mix of classic silhouettes with updated details, and has the corresponding accessories, make up, and hair means that it is her true image at the moment.

I'm just so excited that there's an interesting celebrity out right now and she's not dressing this way to match a boyfriend's style.
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