Rachel (usagi665) wrote,

Kappa Kappa Kappa

After playing Sims 3 for a few days with a small family, I figured out that big ones are much more entertaining since there's always someone to watch. So I made my own little sorority house, Kappa Kappa Kappa (named after the MadTV sorority!)

Like the MadTV skit, the girls are all a bit skanky, a little bit mean, but all have their good sides still.

Aiden - An indecisive kleptomaniac with a heart of gold.

Vanessa - An accomplished athlete with a long running mean streak.

Ticia - An ambitious business woman who some day dreams of marrying an old rich guy.

Meg - A workaholic medical assistant who sees herself as the mother hen of the group.

Alanna - A girl who talks to herself almost as much as she works on her various novels.

Katie - A cutthroat business woman who takes her title literally.

Bai - A girl with the intellect of Einstein and the morality of Pam Andersen.

Alexa - A self-described goth who is a loner on the outside but secretly loves having 7 roommates.

I'm really loving the Sims because this is what I always wanted to do with dolls but lacked the funding to do so. If anyone remembered my MSD harem idea, this is a lot like it would've been.
Tags: kappa kappa kappa, sims 3

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