Rachel (usagi665) wrote,

My favorite resort 2010 collection by far..Christopher Kane

If this design was on a dress at Hot Topic I'd probably just think "The Hills Have Eyes" was good but not that good, get over it. But no, this dress is marketed towards rich people going on cruises. And it has atomic bomb tests as patterns. It'll be interesting if we ever see a celebrity wear this and who it'll be.

I also absolutely adore the model here, Alla Kostromicheva. She stood out to me in Yves Saint Laurent's fall show this season, but her styling here is just gorgeous. The look is very strong, sinister, defiantly misanthropic..more a harbinger of humanity's doom than a god trying to instill a hopeful message about change.

Edit: I just had to include more of the collection here. She is just too amazing. Her bone structure, her posing and posture, her body type..just so appealing and perfect for a collection like this and just incredibly desirable in any context. She has the boyish model body, but has remnants of a chest, some actual hips, and developed calf muscles. I love the shaved off eyebrows and how they perfectly showcase her incredible brow line.

she's just so..hot.

Tags: alla kostromicheva, christopher kane, resort 2010

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