Rachel (usagi665) wrote,

Final Fantasy XIV

Wee, the next Final Fantasy will be another MMO. This is the teaser trailer for it, and they have said these are scenes using the game's engine, these are NOT from a cutscene! It looks incredible.

Judging by the information they gave at their first press conference, they seem to be working on everything I personally disliked in FFXI. Here are a couple of tidbits:

-Character creation will look like FFXI but updated (I hope TaruTaru are back!!!)
-Solo and group play will be equally viable when leveling
-Game will have casual and hardcore content
-Graphics will be a big focus
-No more PlayOnline (a big p.i.t.a. verification system)

Totally looking forward to at least doing a trial run of this game in a beta.
Tags: ffxiv
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