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Go Fug Yourself

I really love this site most of the time, I do, I appreciate the commentary being almost like MST3K host segment rants. What I find funny though is how a lot of their picks for "fugly" outfits are all of celebrities wearing trends that will hit the mainstream in 1-2 years instead of being spot on with timing.

Like this outfit today featuring Kristen Bell. It's an overload on the senses, it combines a somewhat futuristic silhouette at least with the sleeves and sweetheart neckline with the tribal textures of miniature ruffles, ribbing, and fringe. The lacing on the neckline is also reminiscent of the cut-out trend but is a little too symmetrical to be perfect. The shoes are the only thing that don't fit, she should have worn ankle boots or chunky platform heels with some embellishment.

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