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Spring 2010 Trend Predictions

So it's been a really fun week looking at all the new designer collections! In an attempt to understand fashion retail better, I've made my first trend predictions. Throughout the next few weeks I'll post my personal faves from a lot of the collections.

My top ten trends

1. Asymmetrical tops: Be it 80s inspired off-the-shoulder baggy tops or sleek, cut out necklines, asymmetry is in both for casual and evening wear.

2. Bright blue, green, and orange: Either in soft pastel or heavily saturated, these three colors are all over the runways on garments and accessories.

3. Low necklines: Daringly plunging scoopnecks and v-necks are going to be ubiquitous next spring. Layer multiple scoopnecks for a casual feel, or go with a risque v-neck party dress for a night on the town.

4. Cinched waists: Womanly curves are back in style. Medium-width belts cinched high on the natural waist on either skirts or short shorts will be hugely popular in all forms of dress. Peplums on a shirt also emphasize this look.

5. Roman/Grecian inspiration: Designers and consumers alike still will not let this trend go. Tunics worn loose or tied on the natural waist will be very trendy.

6. Cropped pants: Whether worn with a slim leg or a wide tapered leg, the length should be cropped at least a few inches above the ankle.

7. Liquid silk, ruffles, lace: Along with our curves, we are finally getting a chance to indulge in oh-so-feminine fabrics and trims like lace, ruffles, and luxurious silks with liquid-like shines.

8. Cropped jackets and blazers: Body conscious or voluminous, jackets for spring will either be heavily cropped on the arms and on the torso or be a smart blazer style. Sleeves the same length as the torso are also particularly eye-catching and cute.

9. Sheer fabrics: While the average girl may not be as daring as celebrities willing to wear entirely sheer shirts, you can easily wear them as layering pieces to add more detail and texture to any outfit.

10. Peep toe and ankle details: The hottest shoes this season will feature open toes and possibly reach up to ankle length like a mini booty or form a cuff around it for an edgy and urban feel. Combining these with an overtly feminine outfit can make it look more womanly and less little-girly.

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What's remarkable is how the outfits Michael Jackson wore in his video with Janet, Scream, would be 100% wearable as trendy pieces for Fall 2009, and it was made 1993. They had textured 3D knit tops (seen on the Central Saint Martin runway and Swedish designer Sanda Backlund's latest collection), skin tight black PVC pants (seen on many runways, Alexander Wang being a big one), long black fur jackets (Alexander McQueen for one), very fitted metallic silver pants (Elise Øverland), and Eastern inspired loungewear as casual wear (D&G Spring 2009).

As is evident to anyone who analyzes fashion trends in correlation to world events, fashion inevitably changes every time there is a shocking or sobering event.

I feel very strongly that some kind of Michael inspired trend will be coming about as soon as it can be designed and manufactured, since undoubtedly most designers could cite him as an influence growing up. Not to mention that some brands like Balmain already resurrected the military type of jackets he used to wear for their Fall 2009 RTW collection, and a whole slew of companies had jumped on the general 80s trends that Michael helped create originally. So more 80s trends will be reinvented and stay strong at least one more season, though will probably be here longer than that.

There have been some strange trends going on with legs in the past year or two, what with harem pants, pegged jeans, and a weak movement to bring back the bell bottom. I think most people will say that the skinny jean is still more interesting, and with Michael wearing skinny leg pants or cropped straight leg pants, I see legs going back to that once again. Some runways like Burberry for Spring 2009 RTW featured ankle socks with every pair of heels, even open toe, so maybe this will manifest itself in a white sock + cropped pant leg trend.

Like I've mentioned multiple times above, the military jacket was huge with Michael, and was already on runways in both seasons this year, so I definitely see that trend making its way to the mainstream. If not the overt military styling, the silhouette will be there, with flared out shoulders and slim sleeves, maybe cropped or designed to be pushed up, and with detail to the lapels.

In addition to being the King of Pop he was also the king of embellishment, his live comeback costumes were going to feature tens of thousands of Swarovski crystals so I definitely think with a small rhinestone/stud trend already going we will see this blow up.

If I had to pick some specific colors for Fall 2010 inspired by Michael I would go with a strong medium toned red, strong black, strong white, rich gold, metallic silver, and a strong navy.